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Banking and Finance

Applied Mathematics and Statistical Modelling had theirgreatest impact on finance: Pricing of financial tradables, portfolio optimization, financial risk management, marketing analytics, operational analytics have been active areas of intense theoretical research and practical applications. Enabled by massive computing power that got cheaper and burgeoning electronic networks, the influence of these applications have been multiplied, and they have become indispensable functionalities in commercial banks and investment banks.

Organon offers solutions and services in three key application areas mentioned:

1- Credit Risk Analytics: Credit Risk Analytics is concerned with measuring the risk exposure of a financial institution in its credit portfolio across the credit products and lines of businesses. Eventually, this effort boils down to building, monitoring, and reporting hundreds of statistical models that should conform to tight standards set by local and international regulatory bodies.

2- Marketing Analytics: As retail banking has literally exploded in the 2000's, the need for marketing thousands of financial products and services to possibly millions of customers has become a major challenge for financial institutions: The goal is simply to market the right proposition to the right customer at the right time through the right channel with the right price. Marketing Analytics concerns itself with finding the optimal match between a portfolio of propositions and a population of customers. This effort again equates to building and monitoring thousands of statistical models.

3- Operational Analytics: Operational Analytics refers to analytical efforts with the goal of streamlining firm's own operations. For a financial firm, typical examples are Cash Demand Forecasting, and Fraud Analytics.