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When a customer starts spending time on her/his own among the system, we would like to define what to advertise to this specific customer. Because we would like to know what would keep her/him longer in the system to see more advertisements.

The revenue source of content providers (apart from possible subscription fees, e.g. Youtube) is digital advertising. The marketing problem is then to determine what to advertise to each customer. The solution to this problem is to determine the target population for each ad via a recommendation system. Meanwhile, customer should spend as much of their time as possible in the site(stickiness) to see more relevant advertisements. In order to increase stickiness, the consumers should be presented with relevant content as it arrives. Hence,a recommendation system performs two critical functions in order to increase revenue:

1 - To increase stickiness by continuous presentation of relevant content as determined by a recommendation system, so the customer can actually be convinced about that the products are relevant and as useful her/himself by the advertisements

2 - To present relevant adds to each consumer as determined by a recommendation system. Which also can be filled variety of similar advertisements