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The personalization provided by recommendation systems is the-bread-and-the-butter of marketing effort in e-commercerealm. In fact, marketing strategy based on a recommendation system is the marketing method in e-commerce. The outstanding champions in e-commerce arena (Amazon, E-Bay, NetFlix) employ recommendation systems to generate their offers.

Most of the well-known internet companies are always very well aware of who their customers are and what they are into. Companies keep a record of their customers’ past actions, beside this, they keep an eye on what they click in details, while spending time in the platform to see and what they have intended to buy. So next time the customers are in the site, newer products that the customer might be interested in according to the past records show up. So the company, in a variety system, will offer it to them to check out.

LongTale determines what to offer, when to offer, and how to offer depending on the context of the interaction, and the history of client transactions. A recommendation mix is presented to the client before she makes any page-views (offline recommendation computations), and the set of offers are fine-tuned as she surfs over the product web pages (real-time recommendation computations).

The goals are the same: Top resent relevant offers in order to attract consumer interest with the final ends of increasing tickiness, increasing click-through rates, increasing conversion rates, and increasing transaction sizes.

With all that reached, customers will be happy to get the desired goods with reasonable prices, marketing effort hittings the target and more and more relevant products are presented to the target community only with pointing the attractive units to the right buyer segmentation.