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In a nutshell, LongTale produces a set of offers for each consumer at a certain point in time. Hence, Long Tale applications at a physical store are varied depending on the time, the context, and the physical location of the delivery of this set of offers. A set of efficacious applications stand out:

a. Couponprinting at kiosks: Before customer does any transaction, she can use her identification card (loyaltycard, storecard) at an in-store kiosk for printing the set of offers that is redeemable at the current shopping session. By this her/his attention will be directed to the offered goods that were buyable in a fair price at that moment.

b. In-store SMS marketing: If customer’s presence in the store can be identified by the client, it can send an SMS message to the consumers mobile to inform her of the set of offers that can be redeemed at the current shopping session. By that consumer can be aware of the product sales/discounts that are taking her/his attention and be driven to buy.

c. Coupon printing at the cashier: After customer has finished her current shopping session at the cashier, a new set of relevant offers based on current shopping basket can be printed in order to maximize the relevance of offers. This new coupon can be redeemed in the next shopping session. This is also another way of increasing loyalty, because the customer will think that "every other time" she will be offered new and better deals through coupons and she will develop a habit of shopping in the store.

d. Digital coupon printing: If the client has a web presence (not necessarily an e-commerce site), it can communicate personalized offers to its clients on the web: The consumer enters the web-site; identifies herself with either user name or phone number; inspects the personalized offers for herself; prints the offers in the form of a coupon, and redeems the coupon at the next shopping session at the physical store.

e. Offline E-mail/SMS marketing: A routine marketing application of bricks&mortar retailers is E-mail/SMS marketing. However, these applications suffer from the lack of relevance. The entire promise of LongTale is creating relevance. Hence, one immediate application of LongTale is to perfect E-mail/SMS marketing initiative of their tailer. If can be put in the right target, this will be the largest marketing area among all the other ones, because daily SMS round is plenty of time larger than the store stops, offline ads and digital areas. Being informed through cell phones and SMS services are used incredibly frequent comparing to any other information networks.