Consumers are more likely to be touched by the brands or contents according to what they use in their daily life cycle. Most of them prefer to be remembered and notified by the places of where they become frequents. With the walkthrough of the segmenting products and delivering them to the individuals whom are actually the users/buyers of them is a sure shot for both consumer and brand in marketing today.

It is aligning the marketing message or any content with the individual tastes and preferences of consumers. This will save time, better inform the customer, and match the needs of consumers with the relevant value propositions.

End user wants to be involved in the data flow about her/his preferences. To be able to determine it and serve it to them will be the highest value gain for both of the marketing purpose and consumer. This will increase the loyalty and engagement from the consumer’s perspective to the brand. And mobile device will be a bridge that connects that personal area indrawn.

Content means various formats, genres of information that may provide value for an end-user. A content may be a marketing message (e.g. Amazon, Apple, Google) or a Video On Demand (Service e.g. Netflix, Youtube), or a retailer (e.g. Tesco) or Telcooperator (e.g. Turkcell), or news hub (e.g. NewYork Times, BBC).

Consumers today are exposed to be wilder in array of products and services. Delivering a personalized marketing message from among a myriad out of possibilities is hard, and carries the risks of being irrelevant and intrusive.

In every field of the marketing, users want to see or continues to evaluate what is for them in the shelves. So giving what they actually ask for either thru web channels or mobile is going to attach them the services and make them feel like it’s their VIP information network that is customized only for them and their own preferences.