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Marketing Analytics

The firm has extensive analytical and business expertise in managing the marketing mix of a client in an optimal manner. The sheer scale of business-to-consumer marketing activities necessitates the exploitation of proven ana- lytical solutions that act on massive consumer information-bases. The holy grail of marketing is to deliver the right value proposition to the right customer through the right medium with the proper message at the right time. The firm has success stories in optimization of each dimensions embedded in the last sentence. Specifically, the firm has extensive and demonstrable experience in:

Database marketing

The firm has literally built thousands of statistical models that quantify the tendencies of consumers to purchase products/services offered by the client. The results of these models optimize the database marketing initiatives.

Retention and attrition management

Losing valued customers is an important problem as replacing them are very costly. The firm has significant experience with retention and attrition analytics that are geared at detection of customers-at- risk, and design of win-back strategies.

Marketing segmentation

A data-driven segmentation of customer population in terms of values, needs, and behavior is essential to management of customer relationships, and customer experiences. The firm has built many segmentation models in various industries.

Value-based pricing and risk-based pricing

Though being relatively novel themes, these two play big roles in determining the competitiveness of companies where price is a big differentiator. The firm has built pricing models where consumers are offered different prices depending on their lifetime value and their potential risks.

Marketing optimization

The next wave of marketing analytics is to combine all decision elements produced by a client to optimize its decision making across the decision areas, and across the time under a multitude of real-life constraints. The firm is able to build the framework necessary for its clients to achieve this hard-to-achieve goal.

Digital Marketing and Recommendation Systems

A branch of marketing that is becoming more relevant with the digital age is digital marketing. Digitization of marketing media is a boon and a bane at the same time for the marketeers: There is simply more offers to market to consumers with no spatial or temporal boundaries. However, the sheer scale of product-gamut, customer population, and transaction sizes makes classical advertising and marketing campaigns less effective. When the scale enters the marketing game, personalization is indispensable and unavoidable. Making the right offers to right customers become more challenging in a virtual medium where interaction with customers is purely digital, products are numerous, and sometimes customers are anonymous. The response to this challenge is managing this complexity with personalization technology. Personalization can transform this scale challenge into a marketing machine: It presents the opportu- nity to introduce millions of products to millions of customers, an effort previously not possible with classical marketing strategies. Theoretically, one can realize personalization by collecting demographics, pscyhographics, and financial data from consumers. However, collecting and maintaining these data from consumers are notoriously difficult, and rising privacy concerns prohibit this further. Meanwhile, formulation and maintenance of possibly thousands of marketing strategies in the form of business rules is both sub-optimal, costly, and borders on being impossible. However, transactional (behavioral) data is immensely rich in order to understand customer needs, and achieving the personalization in the proper way. The personal- ization methodology of the firm utilizes consumer data, transactional data, context data, and content data to automatically formulate targeted offers from millions of possibilites towards millions of consumers. An offer might be a product in an e-commerce web site, a product in a bricks-and-mortar store, a digital ad in a web-site, a news item in an electronic paper, a video content in a social network, or any item worth offering in a choice-set. Hence, the firms personalization technologies allow a marketeer to target the right offer to the right customer at the right time through the right channel with the right message. The necessary information to base these technologies are stored in the vast transactional information stores of the clients. They just need to be transformed in the right way.