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Credit Risk Analytics

The firm has extensive analytical and business expertise in improving credit risk decisioning in financial institutions. After Basel-II Accord, and the recent global crisis that stemmed from mismanagement of credit risk, the importance of accurate measurement and reporting of credit risk has become paramount. Credit risk management is currently the hottest item in every financial institution (banks, consumer finance companies, or any institution that holds a credit portfolio) on the globe. Credit Risk Decisioning has an ensemble of components to work perfectly: From credit granting to credit collection, an institution has to estimate certain statistical quantities. These components take responsibilities in credit granting, existing account management (limit management, early warning collection systems), and credit collection management (loss management, debt sales, etc.). The firm has extensive analytical experience and busi- ness know-how in every area of credit risk management just described. The credit risk analytics provided by the firm allow a client to:

• Grant more credit with less future risk
• Optimize limit management at all stages of credit life-cycle
• Track credit risk of a portfolio with utmost precision
• Minimize loss, and maximize collection in credit portfolio
• Measure and report risk in accordance with the regulation
• Understand the risk composition of entire credit portfolio
• Quantify the optimal price in a debt-sales scenario
• Optimally manage the entire credit portfolio from a profitability point of view.