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Organon Analytics is Changing The Game in Servicing Analytics

Istanbul, TURKEY, October 20, 2016 - Organon Analytics, a software provider in Big Data Analytics, today announced its AaaS (Analytics-As-A-Service) solution on Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure customers can now choose from Organon’s comprehensive set of pre-packaged and custom analytic services. Each analytic service corresponds to a turn-key solution addressing a specific business problem such as customer acquisition, fraud detection, or credit risk management. This AaaS offer is powered by Organon tools developed in order to enable the automation of analytical pipelines. These tools are now used collectively on Azure to deliver these services. The promise is simple: "Just show us where your data is and we will execute the rest on Microsoft Azure," said Omer Faruk Alis, chief technology officer at Organon Analytics.

The current portfolio of services was selected based on the market demand. Organon previously delivered these services on-premises, and finished nearly 1,000 projects since 2011 for its clients. Examples of the most popular services are as follows:

  • Customer acquisition
  • Cross-sell/Up-sell
  • Churn prediction
  • Basel-II compatible risk models
  • Fraud detection
  • Recommendation Systems
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Anomaly Detection

The complete collection of the analytic services, grouped by sectors can be found here:

Organon Analytics was founded in 2011 to revolutionize the use of intelligence technologies with the ultimate goal of supporting customers with automated, scalable, and low-cost intelligence products. Organon has been producing its software with this goal in mind. The current portfolio of products contains the following:

  • Intelligent Modeller builds highly accurate statistical models quickly, with automated documentation and interpretation capabilities. The number of statistical models produced for a large Turkish bank has exploded from a scale of tens to a scale of thousands in a couple of months.
  • Intelligent Data Quality (IDQ) follows an automated machine learning approach in detecting inconsistencies and anomalies in data. The leading telco company in Turkey uses IDQ to monitor its batch ETL processes with huge success: Thousands of DBMS tables are processed on a daily basis as they are generated; anomalies are found, the root causes are detected, and reported.
  • Data preparation for statistical modelling is the most time consuming and manual stage in an analytical pipeline. Intelligent Data Ready is a new product for: 1) Automating the definition and execution of data preparation workflows and 2) Automating the extraction of optimal features from transactional data.

Organon AaaS services use these products under the hood accompanied by infrastructure services provided by Azure. The crowning touch to this line of products will be Transactional Analytics where intelligent agents (programs) will automatically sift through the data to automate the entire pipeline of machine learning. It is expected to launch in 2017.

Why the service approach? "We are observing a tectonic shift in our clients' attitude in purchasing analytic products and/or services. Our clients are more pragmatic now: They demand to see the benefits of analytics without investing in expensive infrastructure and human resources. So, in the last two years we have started selling services . Analytics is the new utility. We are now migrating this servicing strategy to the cloud. The age of products is gone for good..." said Reyzi Devrim Pamir, Chief Executive Officer at Organon Analytics.

This service strategy has served Organon well in the sales process. Prospective clients now have the chance to estimate the expected ROI from an analytics service before they make a heavy investment. They have the option to try the service for a brief period of time, measure the results, and continue or stop the service.

"The addition of Organon AaaS services on Microsoft Azure extends the ability to benefit from Big Data analytics to more of our mutual customers,” said Osman Cokakoglu, Microsoft Turkey partner business evangelist, Microsoft Corp. “We are pleased to see that Organon can benefit from the global scale of Microsoft Azure.”

As automation is the driver for Organon's AaaS offer, the cloud is the enabler for packaging and marketing it in a computationally sound and cost-conscious way. With Azure, Organon benefits from the following:

  • Storage options, such as Azure Storage, Azure SQL Database, and HDFS, make low-cost storage and movement of data.
  • Azure Batch provides job scheduling and auto-scaling of compute resources, making it easy for Organon to run large-scale parallel and HPC apps in the cloud
  • Using the Batch SDKs and Batch service, Organon can configure apps to run on demand or on a schedule across a pool of Azure Virtual Machines.
  • Last, Organon can showcase its offers to a global clientele via its placement on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace:

More information on the Organon AaaS offering is available here:

About Organon Analytics

Organon Analytics is a Big Data analytics company, creating predictive intelligence from vast volumes of data. This intelligence is mostly in the form of statistical models that are derived from actual data. Organon was founded in 2011 and serves large enterprises in Turkey. As of 2016, Organon has started to adopt the Software-as-a-Service approach, and is planning to use the cloud as a medium to present its services globally.

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