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Organon is a Big Data analytics company founded with the goal of revolutionizing Big Data technology so everyone can benefit from it. Our new Analytics-as-a-Service (AaaS) portfolio provides fast, automated solutions to business problems within 15 days without IT involvement. Boost your sales, increase your operational efficiency, and reduce risks using AaaS. Our AaaS offer leverages the latest technologies to accurately solve business problems fast without employing an army of data scientists and Big Data developers. We use Machine Learning, Big Data, and High Performance Computing technologies to attain the most accurate results possible.

How Does It Work?

The AaaS process on Azure is explained below:

Contact to initiate the process through:

+90 212 263 88 13

Organon team will contact you to define the needs and requirements of your problem.

After defining the problem and suggesting the design for the solution, two parties will have an agreement on project SLA & KPI terms.

Organon can make the computation on your storage, OR
Organon can move the data into its own storage for computation

Automation is the key to increasing efficiency and productivity. Organon’s turn-key AaaS solution works seamlessly without human intervention. The automated process offers

  • Data preparation
  • Statistical modeling
  • Scoring
  • Visualization and automated documentation

For more detailed pricing plan, please contact us.